Yes Asthma Can Be Managed 


Important Tips On Asthma Relief

Important Tips On Asthma Relief


Author: James Redder

One of the most worrying global health trends in recent years is the number of asthma sufferers; it wasn\'t that long ago that asthma only affected a small percentage of the population. Although it is treatable, asthma is still a chronic condition which affects the function of breathing of every person who is affected by it. This is a respiratory condition that when not treated properly can easily result in death, if the attack is not attended to in time or is severe.

Keeping a constant check on their condition is the most important step for an asthma sufferer. The specific medical treatment depends on the severity of the condition and the frequency of symptoms and specific treatments for it are broadly classified as:

*Medications to prevent attacks

*Relief medication for minor attacks

*Emergency treatment for serious attacks

One form of relief for all patients is called a Bronchodilator which is designed only for less serious attacks; fortunately, for a large number of asthmatics no other medication other than this will be required.

Patients with mild but frequent attacks have other medication available to them like a leukotriene modifier or a mastcell stabilizer. Additional medication is required, as the seriousness of the asthma condition increases. Whatever the level of severity they experience all sufferers have a traditional reliever to aid them. The asthmatics condition by careful monitoring should not be difficult to identify exactly what it is that is an attack trigger. This means that attacks can be avoided if not eliminated altogether. Medical science has now confirmed that the poorer the air quality increases the odds of this and other related respiratory problems occurring.

The medications used to help prevent and treat attacks is very effective but should only be used sparingly; prescription drugs may also cause serious side effects such as:

*Feelings of constant tiredness



*Feeling depressed

*Damage to the liver

Drugs of pharmaceutical quality are now being created to prompt the body\'s own immune system to step up and take over but and increasing number of people are choosing to use natural medicines which are treating the origin of the respiratory condition instead. The task is to calm and soothe the hyperactive systems and strengthen the body weak systems; this is done by substances called catalysts. By using organic ingredients that have no side-effects with the same effect.

Pranayam, buteyko and yoga practices breathing techniques have been found helpful to those suffering from asthma as they naturally help the general well-being and breathing of patients. Nutritional supplements and good diet will help improve the immune response and the overall health of the patients. A good nutritional diet will also help improve the immune system but the importance should not be underestimated of the asthma patient managing their own condition.

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